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Aurabeat Air Purifier


Brings you safe and clean air by eliminating >99.9% COVID-19 virus


Patented Silver ion AG+ sanitizing air purifier kills 99.9% COVID-19 and influenza virus

Eliminates > 99.9% of COVID-19

The only lab-test with proven report, Aurabeat patented silver ion filter can effectively filters and eliminates >99.9% COVID-19 in just 15 minutes, providing safe and clean air to your family and work place.

Medical Grade
Sanitizing Air Cleaner

Classified as medical grade
air purifier by FDA.

Five Filtration Mechanism

Large Coverage area

It’s built-in high velocity blower can effectively
disinfect a 538 sq ft space in just under 15 minutes,
also ensures 3 to 4 air changes and disinfections
per hour. It’s ideal for home and offices

Equipped with pre-filter, nano-crystalline filter, UV Disinfectant lamp, plasma generator, and the patented virus killing, can effectively removes 99.9% of 0.1 microns.




First air purifier in the world that
can eliminate 99.9% of COVID-19,
viruses and bacteria


Built-in high velocity blower can
effectively disinfect a 500 sqft space
in just under 20 minutes


Smart sensors detect air quality
changes to activate cleaning to
filter and destroy contaminants

Dr. Roger Tze To

Dr. Roger Tze To, The inventor of Aurabeat AG+ Sanitizing Air Purifier, who has specialized in air filtration and purification technology technology for over 15 years, leads a group of research specialist to develop sustainable and polluction-free clean air solutions. Dr. Roger has published 30 research papers and holds 4 patents.


Aurabeat AG+ Sanitizing Air Purifiers are trusted and being used by more than half of the hospitals in Hong Kong, hundreds of schools and organization such as MTR, FANCL, St. John, Fire Service Department and many others.


7days free replacement 

Free delivery

Limited time special until 11 Feb. 2021

Only 300 sets (NSP-X2 and CSP-X1) are available!




What are the differences between AURABEAT's three-layer disinfection technology and the double protection by most of the producers on the market?


Even though most air purifiers on the market have two filtration mechanisms, most of them can only filter dust particles and remove odours. The triple disinfection and double purification technology of Aurabeat AG+ Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses, and remove fine dust particles and suspended particles, odours, formaldehyde and harmful gases.


Can it eliminate human coronavirus causing new pneumonia?


The US virology laboratory uses COVID-19 that can infect human respiratory tract cells for actual testing and certification and has proven that Aurabeat’s silver ion technology can effectively eliminate COVID-19 that can infect human respiratory tract cells in a short time.


Will AURABEAT's silver ion technology affect the human body?


No. Since our unique silver ion technology does not release silver ions into the air, the silver ions are coated onto the filter layer of the filter element, and will not be inhaled into the lungs, nor absorbed by the skin, and the technology does not affect human health.


AURABEAT is not equipped with HEPA filter, will the filtering function be poor?


The filtration efficiency of the HEPA filter is 99.95%, and the filtration efficiency of the H12 filter used by the Aurabeat AG+ Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier is 99.7%, so the difference between the two is only less than 0.3%. Also, the general HEPA filter does not have antiviral property, so the high-efficiency silver ion air filter of Aurabeat AG+ Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier is even better.


AG+ NSP- X1 is equipped with three different filters, what are their life, and do they have any maintenance needs?


Pre-filter captures hair, fibre, particles, dander, etc., can be vacuumed and reused. It should be used and disposed of with the High-Efficiency Silver Ion Air Filter. 

High-Efficiency Silver Ion Air Filter: 99.7% filtration efficiency for PM0.3. The High-Efficiency Silver Ion Air Filter generally needs to be replaced after 6 to 8 months of usage. A clean filter can be reused for 2000 hours.

Nano-crystalline Filter: Natural non-metallic minerals are used to remove harmful gases, formaldehyde, benzene, VOC, and odour from the air. The Nano-crystalline Filter can be cleaned by exposure to sunlight for 1 to 3 hours every 2 months, then it can be reused. Under normal usage, it can be used for one year before it needs to be replaced.


Coverage area and the number of people?


The available area of the AG+ silver ion plasma sterilization air purifier (NSP-X2) is 50m2, and the airflow rate of the machine ensures 3.4 air change per hour, i.e. the room air will be circulated, disinfected and purified more than 3 times per hour. Efficient triple disinfection technology can cater for any number of people in the room. The coverage area of CSP-X1 is 7m cubic with 15CFM.